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Bottling Day

Transferred from fermented bucket to bottle bucket and added 3/4cup of charging sugar. (corn dextrose sugar)


Bottling the magic brew


And more bottling

20150314_135948 20150314_135942

The bottling is over, and I found the caps!

20150314_142541 20150314_142557

Done Bottling & Capping. Now To store in 68 degree temp. for at least a week before 1st sample.  I CAN’T WAIT!! YOU MUST… !!!….MM ….OK.??????? It will be called…….Brian’s Bastard Brewed IPA…!!!

Start of Brian’s bastard IPA brew day

6- diff. hop addition times and makings for 10 GAL. of Brian’s bastard IPA

20150308_185306  phone 2015 3-9-15 008

Bringing stuff to a boil.    I started by adding half of the  sugars and 60 minutes of steeping  grains, added 90 min. hops at start of boil.

Added half of the sugars, then started a 90 minute boil.

1 2

Added at 20 minutes left, then added when there were 12 minutes left in the boil

phone 2015 3-9-15 020 phone 2015 3-9-15 022

Added  more hops at 6 min.s left to boil, then added again at the one minute mark.

phone 2015 3-9-15 023 phone 2015 3-9-15 024

One last time with the hops at the end of boil, then started the cool down by sitting the pot in cool water to bring it down to 78 degrees before pitching the yeast.

10 phone 2015 3-9-15 027

Tune in next time for bottling goodness!


Better living through beer!

Ok, I’m new to all of this. I’m hoping this blog will be entertaining and informational and stuff.


Let’s go make some beer!